Away from the crowds.
Closer to nature

Island life, local flavour, an abundance of wildlife.


Stay – Dive – Discover

The tropical island of Zanzibar is the largest of the islets opposite the coast of Tanzania. Rich with history and culture, it has managed to preserve the beauty of its environment, unspoiled from modern times.

Scattered villages around the island hold into their fishing traditions as one of the main economic forces of Zanzibar. The Matemwe village is one of them, located northeast of the island, where the longest Zanzibarian beach lays.

Sunshine Marine Lodge’s advantageous location in the village just opposite Mnemba island provides direct access to the ever-blue Indian Ocean. Sandy private beaches, untouched underwater environment and lush tropical greenery create a uniquely idyllic environment amidst nature.

Take your time and explore its picturesque beauty. Taste local delicacies with fresh-caught fish, witness the rich coral reef, take a stroll to the sun-kissed coastline and overall have the time of your life while staying in our safe and private lodge.